Monday, January 5, 2009

Co Owns

To a certain degree, yes, co owns can be dangerous and can end horribly horribly wrong. They hurt both parties involved, and more importantly, the dog is caught in the middle. Co owns should only be between TRUSTED friends, NEVER strangers. And, if a co own is a must for a show dog, then there should be a written contract every time.

I am doing a co own with a friend. We trust eachother, but there is still a contract. Doesn't matter if someone's feelings get hurt - business is business, right? When all else doesn't matter, the dog does and he/she needs to be protected.

Now, on the subject of co owns, I am looking for a co own home for my beloved male, Tango. He is about 2 yrs old, a mantle and an all-around GREAT dog. Co owns scare alot of people off, but really, it's a pretty sweet deal!

He was previously on a co own in a wonderful home! The people are dane savy and know their stuff. But, an unfortunate circumstance with landlords and intact dogs happened, and he is now back here with us. Not that I mind! I love my boy Tango. He is a great dog, but with us living in town we are limited to the amount of dogs we can safely have. Everything will change in a year when we move to a country home. (i'm SO excited!)

This is what I need:

A permanent FOREVER home. When Tango is retired in 2 or 3 more years, he will then be signed over to his new family, for absolutely NO fee. No more bouncing around. It's not healthy for him, and if the next co-own home doesn't work out, he will stay here permanently.

Someone willing to keep him intact during this time, and willing to drive him out to me when needed (no more than a few times a year)or allow me to bring a female to them. I do not want to leave a female there unless they are experienced with danes and/or breeding as things can happen, and inexperienced people COULD get nervous.

Someone to treat him like their own. Feed him, care for him, pay for vet bills if any.

Someone willing to sign a contract to not only protect me and you, but Tango as well.

In return, they will get a loving forever companion for no fee.

Anyways - this is something I do not take lightly, and he would not EVER go to just anyone. I have to fully trust this person and feel that their lifestyle is right for a dane.

Until then, keep your eyes open for me :)